Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fashion Show At Sascha's high noon

01-01-2009 Coco Beach run By Sascha Frangilli & hosted by Piper Hanriot
6 Models wore Son!a's and gracefully walked the Catwalk, New styles and old styles, a mixture between a mini outfit, Formal gowns and Wedding Gowns...And of course a freebie Gift for all the Audience who were supportive.
On the first day of the year I thank you all
a special thank you to the wonderful Sascha and Piper who organized that event
A warm thank you to Rajon Skytower
And a big thanks to the wonderful couple Denise & M4rk3tt0 For their support
and of course last but not least Thank You to my amazing friend Ahmad Hosho

Models: Seren Fearne, Paula Bedrosian, Kelly6 Winterfeld, Katelyn Earnshaw, Sarlah Maggs & AngelRaella Shelman

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