Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sexy tango Collection

The Sexy tango
lovely Dress and very sexy
a re-sizable prim skirt included

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Son!a Summer Contest 2008

Welcome to Son!a Haute couture Fashion Female Model search contest:
starts April 10th to June30th 2008

What do you need?

1. A great avatar
2. Join In-world group "Son!a" me "Sonia28 Jie" to get your package (starting April 10th and not before that please)

The purpose of this modeling contest?
1-Each model will be given a set "necklace and earrings" for free
2-the model must take a 1st picture wearing this set .. the picture must present not only the beauty of the model, but also bring the best in the necklace and earrings she is wearing.
3. picture 2: is simple take another picture of yourself wearing any item of jewelry or garment from Son!a's Boutique
picture 3: of your choice

4. very important ALL PICTURES MUST BE FULL PERM.. and each week one model will be selected "the model of the week" till the final result

5.The picture might be adjusted in Photoshop and retouched.
6. Create a folder in your inventory and name it: Son!a contest summer model:
7. Upload the photos and name them: Son!a contest summer model: 1-2 & 3
8. Create a note card describing your look
9. Put everything in the folder, please note 3 pictures must be in folder with one note card and send to "Sonia28 Jie". FULL PERM

Again, This contest is not like any other contest in second life; it is not a popularity contest OR winning by the numbers of votes, you don't have to beg for a vote because at the end a jury and the designer will decide who deserves to get the title of: "Son!a Super Model for summer 2008"

The reward:

Unfortunately only one model can win the contest, and she will get

* 2000$L cash
* A custom made dress and jewelry and shoes that will be named after her SL name and will sell in-store for 1000L$
* In-world poster in Son!a Boutique

Good luck
the winner model must have a mod shape and willing to adjust and be free for a photoshoot in weekends, to be polite respectful and professional

the designer Sonia28 Jie

Son!a Models Contest Spring 2008

The winner Super model: ANTUANET FORCELLA
Of the Contest : Son!a Haute couture Spring 2008

the 6 finalists in the contest Son!a Spring 2008

Aii Motova

Rhi Rossini

Filomenna Quinnell

Antuanet Forcella

Lyrica Destiny

Willemina Meriman

Son!a Wedding Gowns Summer 2008

Son!a Forever Wedding Gown
Chocker and Veil Included
Fitted over ETD's Hair sofia
Price: 1500$L

Son!a Red-Prom Wedding Gown
Bow & Veil Included
Fitted over
Sirena's Hair Juliette
Price: 1500$L
Son!a ocean wave Wedding Gown
Necklace and Veil Included
Fitted over
Sirena's Hair Juliette
Price: 1500$L

Son!a Forever Wedding Gown
Necklace and Veil Included
Fitted over
Sirena's Hair Juliette
Price: 1500$L

Son!a Alexia Wedding Gown
Necklace and Veil Included (pasties included for modesty)
Fitted over
Rac's Hair Biscuit
Price: 1500$L